cruising days

every morning i wake as this giant ship docks in a new port. for breakfast i slurp two large shot glasses of sweet creamed oats with thinly shredded coconut and a mysterious island fruit i can’t name. this delicious elixir gets me sugar-rush hiiiiiiiiiiiigh to begin my day.

in every port, my first mission is to find the public library. i vibe a new city by the feel of its library. is it a serious city with a large reference section? is it an arty city displaying art on its walls? is it a kid-focused city with an extensive children’s section and posted weekly kids’ activities? i honor each city’s library as i gather insights about its population and values. i pass through the aisles reading spines of books, opening books about unknown subjects to learn something, pausing to flip pages of books i’ve read and loved, feeling at home in every library all over the world.

i spend my afternoons walking along each port town’s boardwalk and parks. every eastern canadian port town has a stunning city park with acres of blooming gardens, green spaces, and trails. i discover trees and flowers new to my eyes. i am delighted by rodents and birds i can’t identify.

last call for all aboard is 5:30pm. i step onto the gangway at 5:28pm with a few postcards in hand. i move directly to the poolside ice cream station and invite my inner six-year-old to indulge in the unlimited toppings bar.

i walk laps around the ship’s outdoor track as we return to sea. i walk for hours and miles admiring the sunset’s colors shift to night. last night after sunset i watched the red sliver of leo’s new moon setting into the sea at precisely my birthday minute. (month=hour:minute=day)

later i lie in bed, gently rocked to sleep by waves against the boat carrying me toward tomorrow’s next adventure.


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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