full moon confessions

confession:  whiskey…yum.  almost as good as tequila and possibly better than red wine.

 confession:  i’d be an alcoholic if i weren’t eating disordered.  the ONLY reason i don’t drink more often is alcohol’s caloric content.

 confession:  i’m metaphorically melting away.  i’m hoping that everything but love melts away, leaving only perfect peace.

 confession:  i was told earlier this week (and for the second time) that i am solution-oriented. i’ve never perceived myself that way. i perceive myself as someone with a tendency to get stuck if i don’t hurry up and move before the cement dries.

 confession: i haven’t reached my sexual peak yet. i continue ascending the upward slope that i began trekking after i turned 30. i have a theory that orgasms raise the world’s well-being. it is my personal responsibility to promote as much worldly well-being as possible each and every day.  ;]

 confession:  i’m hungry all the time.  hungry for food.  hungry for sex.  hungry to love the way i long to.  hungry to create.  hungry to write.  hungry to dance.  hungry to paint.  hungry to run.  hungry for stillness.  i’m afraid of being empty.  i’m afraid of being full.  i’m afraid of food.  i’m afraid of running too much and too far and i’m afraid of sitting still and doing nothing.  but each day, i eat, i run, and i make myself sit still. fear is not a good enough reason to stop me.

 confession:  this week especially…if you’re willing…i’m feeling uncharacteristically alone in my melting world ~ please share your confessions.

confession:  i don’t record written responses to comments because my words seem inadequate.  please know that to every comment i respond with a bowed head and prayerfully silent “thank you.”


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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6 Responses to full moon confessions

  1. LoneStarGirl says:

    confession: i haven’t quite figured out who i am yet. i thought i knew, but it seems only bits and pieces are seen. i NEED people to see who i am…the whole me. what is reflected back to me by others worries me sometimes.

    confession: i had a lovely evening with a beautiful person yesterday, and i really wish it could be more that what it is.

    confession: i’m afraid i am slipping back into that horrible depression that once consumed my life, but i am determined to fight it with the new experiences coming up. balance and centering will occur.

  2. Chrissy says:

    Rapid fire confessions:

    it’s becoming more difficult for me to be easy going and understanding.

    i’ve had this silent rage burning inside of me for a hot minute and today i erupted like ejyajlfyahklernurfinsnurfin (or however you spell it) to a loved one.

    it felt unsatisfying & good all at the same time.

    i wish i could put my rage into something more creative (i can’t concentrate on writing when i’m angry)

    working out is making me vain & i sort of like it.

    ok, i like it more than i’m letting on. 🙂

    i don’t think i’m as smart as i think i am. see.

    side note:
    thank you always. and i love you

  3. anise says:

    confession: everyday, at this very moment, I am overwhlemed with the desire, the need, to escape. To not be myself, to not be required to do anything, be anything, say anything, accomplish anything. My methods of escape: the internet, romance movies, television. I love to slip into the comfort of instant pleasure and assurance of acted emotion.
    confession: when i escape, i know exactly what I’m doing and why i’m doing it. I know the consequences. And yet I do it anyways.
    confession: i am totally embarrassed by my methods of escape. they seem illegitimate, ridiculous, weak and pitiful.
    confession: i abhor weakness.
    confession: i am weak.

  4. steanso says:

    So this is where you’re hding now? Good to know you’re still writing.

  5. stacy says:

    confession: it is hard to confess here. myspace felt safer for some reason.
    confession: i have become too egocentric.
    confession: i talk too much. goes with second confession…
    confession: still i fear no one hears me.
    confession: i know how blessed i am and that just makes me feel guilty for bitching. it doesn’t stop me from doing it though.
    confession: i meet wonderful people everyday. today is no exception.
    confession: i just felt a small shift to positivity, gratitude, and hope.

    • confession: i didn’t intend to respond to any comments in writing…but i had to write this one thing: I AGREE ~ MYSPACE FELT SAFER. but i don’t know why. i’m hoping it was a simple case of familiarity and that over time it will feel just as safe here. (prayerfully silently bowing head and thanking you again.)

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